The Headmaster’s House Cup

Throughout the children’s journey through Prep, we understand how important the Houses are to the children. The community and togetherness the Houses bring are crucial to the day to day lives of the children at Blue Coat. Due to year group bubbles being unable to mix at the minute, we want to ensure the children still feel the identity that their Houses bring. Cue the Headmaster’s House Cup!

Each week, the children will aim to collect as many house points as possible through the collection of merits and Value stickers. The House that collects the most house points will not only receive a prize each week, but each half term will be competing for the coveted prize of the Headmaster’s House Cup!

Now, our House competition wouldn’t be the same without our House Heads who have got this to say to their Houses:

Mr Hill and St George’s

Attention all St George’s boys!” The Headmaster’s Cup gives us a brand new opportunity to work together as a team and I know you will give your absolute all for the House. Remember to live out the Blue Coat Values each and every day because this is your big opportunity to shine, and to show our incredibly strong House spirit. Keep flying the flag for St George’s and keep collecting those valuable points. Every single one counts!

Mrs Stockton and St Philip’s

Calling all St Philip’s boys! Keep working hard, being kind and generous, trying your best and being amazing. Every point counts and you are a fantastic team, so let’s keep collecting those valuable points towards the trophy! Come on St Philip’s!

Mrs Lynn and St Margaret’s

 I know from past experience, the girls in St Margaret’s will give 100% to this new challenge – The Headmaster’s Cup. You will make me really proud girls, if you all give of your best, showing all the Blue Coat Values. You are an incredible group of girls. Keep collecting all those valuable points and let’s hope we can put the a blue ribbon on the trophy!

Good luck

Mrs Walker and St Monica’s

Dear St Monica’s,

Remember to keep a tally of your values stickers for The Headmaster’s House Cup!  Showing your amazing Blue Coat values every day will help you gain house points for the much sort over trophy.  Be yourself, be brilliant, be a St Monica’s girl!

Our first House competition of the year will be for the children to design their own House bag. Their job is to decorate these bags in the most creative ways possible, and they have until Monday 28 September to do so.

All children who decorate their bag will be awarded House Points for participation and the most creative designs will receive additional bonus House Points.

Just remember children: every house point counts! So, make sure you are showing all of the Blue Coat Values through every part of your school day.

We look forward to the big reveal every Friday in the Headmaster’s Assembly!

Congratulations this week to St Monica’s House who achieved the most house points.  It was a close run thing! The winning house members each enjoyed a cookie, freshly baked by our Catering Team.

Mr Hulbert