At the beginning of a new academic year there is always a long tick list of jobs that the children have to work through, just to get themselves ready for learning! The Year 3 children have new logins to memorise, all of the children have to check their Google Chrome account is synchronising, they all have to join new Google Classrooms and check that their touch-typing course and coding courses are all working as expected. The list goes on…

I’m delighted to report that all of the children have embraced these challenges and are up and running. Across the board, they are currently concentrating on their touch-typing course. I have witnessed some incredible typing abilities amongst the Year 5 and 6 pupils. I doubt you’d believe me if I told you that last week I saw typing speeds in excess of 70 words per minute. There are certainly a growing number of fiery typists at BCS.

Coding continues to be an important part of the curriculum and the children are relishing the prospect of really getting their collective teeth into some really tricky challenges. We look at unpicking these challenges into smaller achievable tasks: learning about algorithms, repeat blocks, variables and other important computer logic. I firmly believe that collaboration is the key to coding success so ask your child what we mean by Brain > Board > Book > Buddy > Boss!

Mr Hill