Last year, our Eco committees in both Pre Prep and Prep worked together to encourage the children at Bluecoat to live more sustainably. Initially, the Eco councillors undertook an environmental review covering all ten Eco-Schools topics. This fed into an action plan which focused on three main topics. The topics the committees felt the Blue Coat children needed to get better at were; energy, waste and biodiversity. The topics were linked to the curriculum to be taught during lessons as well as stand alone projects led by the Eco Councillors. Pre Prep councillors educated their friends and teachers about saving energy and also encouraged biodiversity during our Big Schools Bird Watch. Prep focussed on Waste, it’s effects and how it can be reduced. All of this hard work has been acknowledged with receipt of both the bronze and silver Eco award certificates. Our next step will be the Green Flag for Eco Schools which we will begin to work towards.

Mrs Sargeant