The theme of our assembly today was ‘The Call of Samuel’ from the Old Testament. This is a powerful story of how a mother’s prayers were answered and the plan that God had for her son. The children worked hard on learning their lines and it was lovely to hear such clear voices and see our teamwork for unison lines. A very good start to our year together.

Mrs McKenzie-Ward

Class 2S have been cheerfully trying hard to display better listening in the Michaelmas 1 term. In step with this , they presented their assembly all about hearing and listening which they
presented confidently to the other Year 2 classes on Tuesday of this week. Do you like your ears? Class 2S reflected upon how important our ears are for hearing. They shared their favourite sounds and things that they don’t like to hear as well. They explained the importance of listening at school which is part of the Jigsaw charter and something we think about at the start of each PSHE lesson. The children acted out the story of Young Samuel in the temple. One night, Samuel thought it was Eli the priest calling him when in fact it was God calling him. Once he knew this, Samuel listened and did what God asked him to do. The children were asked to reflect upon the skill of listening and hearing. Sometimes we think we are listening, but we don’t always hear correctly what is expected from us. Well done class 2S on highlighting this essential skill and presenting your ideas so effectively. Listening and hearing is a gift we should be very thankful for!

Mrs Straw