Walking across the campus on Thursday evening, it was lovely to see so many happy faces. Children across all year groups were taking part in a variety of different after-school activities, developing different skills but most importantly, having fun!

Walking into LAMDA classes, the children were focussed on ‘Mrs Foley’s chatty chair’, and the topic was ‘The most exciting thing that has happened to me.’  There were tales of baby brothers and sisters, wonderful holidays, theme parks, and, of course, the all important sleepover (midnight snack included!)

In Drama, I enjoyed watching the children work on their improvisation skills.  There was a confidence in every child taking part, and the short scenes on display were very creative indeed.

Our children in Nursery and Reception were enjoying their Music Makers activity. They were being introduced to rhythm notation and a variety of musical instruments. Nursery children were also responding to music and moving to the beat, while Reception children were learning about the music of Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

The term’s theme in Create Club is ‘inspired by me’. So far this term the children have created pencil and collage portraits, perfect portrait puppets, super selfies and inspirational mood boards all about themselves.  Creative opportunities are provided each day throughout our curriculum but the children in this group were certainly enjoying this additional opportunity after-school.

The Mezzo Dance Company has been delivering our acrobatic gymnastics classes, and the children were inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the teaching team.  There was some very impressive core strength on show and the younger children were eager to show off their skills!

In Spanish, the children loved trying to keep up with the moves in the “Cabeza, Hombras, Rodillas y Dedos” song and there was much laughter filling the room!

Outdoors, the Aston Villa football activity remains as popular as ever.  It was pleasing to see good levels of teamwork from our children but there was also some fantastic individual skill on show from both boys and girls.  As a supporter of the Grecians, I was disappointed not to see any Exeter City shirts on display but it was good to see a wide variety on show from across the Premier League, as well as the green and white hoops of a well known side in Scotland!

Finally, stepping onto the AstroTurf was a reminder how far hockey has progressed in recent years.  Alongside the Sport Department, Mrs Potter and Mr Sugden have played a key role in recent years and the opportunity for our older children to hone their skills has been well received.

Thank you, as always, to all of our activity providers who work hard each and every day to provide further opportunities for our children at the end of the school day.  They are an important part of the Blue Coat team, and I hope the children continue to appreciate all that they do.

Earlier in the day, on my walk to school, our cross country runners were seen in full flow on the front field.  All of these children must be commended for their efforts, and the same goes to all of the children at the school for everything that they bring to this special community.

Mr Newman