Children in Prep have had the opportunity in the past two weeks to put to good use some of the creative skills which they learnt in Lockdown. With the introduction of the new year group bubbles and the newly adopted moto, #4houses1school, we were delighted to launch the first inter House Competition of the school year. Creativity being the name of the game!

The challenge was to be as creative as possible and create an original design for a calico bag, which will be used in the House to store after-school craft items. 

Two weeks ago children in Prep were introduced to the idea by their House Head in the regular Friday House Assembly slot. They were tasked to take their bags home and get creative! They did not disappoint! With an uptake of over 90%, dozens of bags poured back in to the Houses, and have been brightening the blazer pegs in their new houses ever since. House Heads were delighted to see a range of skills including; tie dyeing, flower pounding, embroidery, applique, french knitting, fine artwork, painting, ribbon work, beading, collage and so much more.

It was an extremely difficult job to select 10 entries from each House, to go through to the final selection. Each entry was awarded a House point, finalists receiving 5 House Points, with the two winning entries from each Year bubble, receiving ten House points.  We are delighted to announce the following winners. Well done to everyone who took part in this creative challenge. Your House Heads are really proud of you!

A special thanks to the Friends for kindly agreeing to support the purchase of the bags, through the donations they make to the Houses. 

Mrs Lynn



Year 3

Isaac  (St George’s)

Siyona  (St Monica’s)

Year 4 

Aaria  (St Monica’s)

Rayyan  (St Philip’s)

Year 5 

Wilf  (St George’s)

Elaine  (St Monica’s)

Year 6 

Imogen  (St Margaret’s)

Yasin  (St George’s)


Year 3

Loic Granger 

Jayden Liu 

Umar Ayub 

Rayan Basu 

Paarus Dhillon 

Audrey Yang 

Ila Jain 

Lexi Higgs 

Year 4

Karrie Chu

Rosie Moody

Mei Li Taylor

Aarush Sen 

Aaron Masih 

Ismaeel Alam 

Miles Elledge 

Palakh Sharma

Year 5 

Eisah Ali 

Zayn Ahmed 

Vivek Ratti 

Wahid Abdurrahman 

Esmee Raghavan

Sofia Mahmood

Avni Samra

Isabella Gabriel

Year 6 

Elena Mirza

Alex Constantinou 

Aleya Ahmed

Yandy Chen

Nathan Molsom 

Sam Hodges 

Govind Dhillon 

Matilda Brown