Never have I been so happy to see Thunder, Lightning, Hurricane and Storm all in one week! The welcome return of the Intra School Competition has been a great success, allowing boys from each year group to return to competitive Rugby.

For the boys in Year 3, this was their first ever experience of competing in the Intra competition and for most, their first ever game of Rugby. The afternoon started with the introduction to their new teams which will stay with them throughout their time at Blue Coat. Everyone took an active role demonstrating their understanding of tag Rugby. For some, this has only been a few weeks of learning, for others a chance to apply their mastery skills of individual and team tactics.

In Years 4-6, we played touch Rugby where each player was allowed to be touched twice before having to present the ball on the floor or pass. As a result we saw a fast paced dynamic game of Rugby across all age groups. The game promoted positive forward running with good support in a safe environment. The games allowed pupils to demonstrate the skills they have learnt in addition to demonstrating their understanding of the laws of the game. Furthermore, it was a pleasure to see the camaraderie within the teams and the respect they have for their opposition – a great opportunity to put the BCS Values into action.

Well done to all pupils this week, all points will go towards the Intra School Cup which will be presented to the winning team at the end of this term!

Mr Melia


Years 3, 4 and 5 had their first Intra Hockey matches this week. The weather wasn’t in the girl’s favour, playing most of the fixtures in the rain. However, they were eager and excited, and a little rain did not stop them from playing some good Hockey. It was so lovely to see them play competitive sport again it gave a real buzz to the afternoons.

There were lots of examples of some good passages of play and working together as an effective team. This meant we had a real mix of results showing real fight between Hurricane, Thunder, Storm and Lightning.

A special mention to the Year 3s for playing their first Intra Hockey. They are demonstrating some real promise, keep up the hard work girls!

Mrs Somerville