On Wednesday, the school was overrun with the sight of vicious Vikings and angry Anglo-Saxons. As the children made their way over to the classrooms in the mornings, there was a sea of shields, axes and fur, although I hope no pets were harmed in the making of the outfits!

Once in the classrooms, the children got to speak to Rig the Viking, where we got to learn about how the Vikings lived, where they came from and the Viking currency and ways of paying. Rig then spoke about how the Vikings travelled and looked at the differences between a ‘Snecker’ and a ‘Drecker’.

Armed with the facts, the children then put this into practice by building their very own Viking Longship. Throughout the day, the children were treated to looking at a variety of Viking artefacts. The children got to see some Viking weaponry, try to pick up Viking shields and also felt how heavy Viking armour used to be. The experience continued into the Thursday, where the children proudly got to display their work in a Year 5 Art Exhibition. A fantastic time was had by all and the experience really brought the learning to life.

As a staff, we are so thankful to all parents and carers for the amount of effort and hard work that had gone into the children’s outfits, which contributed to the day being fantastic.

Mr Hulbert