This half term has been a very active start to the academic year  for Pre-Prep and the children are getting very proficient at changing into their kit!!

Not only have they had their timetabled PE and Games lesson, but due to the current restrictions on swimming, the children have had additional time with the Prep PE staff. They have experienced all kinds of different sports activities, from fitness circuits to ball skills, to orienteering and have had great fun in doing so. 

The main focus with me has been Gymnastics. The children have been working hard to improve their gymnastic skills from balancing on points and patches, to rolling and jumping.

Yr. 1 has produced some super balance and travel work, with a focus on the basic shapes of star, straight and tuck. They have performed their ideas with improving poise and finesse

Yr. 2’s have impressed me with their basic skill level and we have progressed onto the more advance skills of cartwheels, handstands and taken the first steps to vaulting.

On a Friday afternoons, the children enjoy their weekly games session with myself and the Prep Games staff. Yr. 1 have been showing off their ball skills and improving their hand eye coordination whilst Yr. 2, on rotation, have been enjoying either hockey or football, practising their stick work and ball control and beginning to develop their game play.

Pre-Prep PE this half term has been full of many wow moments, achievements & stickers and I look forward to watching the children progress as the year moves forward.

If your child has been successful in gaining any sporting achievements outside of school, please let us know so we can celebrate these achievements, along with their successes in school.

Mrs Fletcher