When I consider how childish has been so much of the debate on the other side of the Atlantic, it makes me proud to reflect on how maturely our pupils approach the ‘politics’ of life here at BCS.

I have again much enjoyed meeting the Heads of School this week, discussing concerns and questions from children around the School.

It is so important that we give the children the opportunity to feel part of the decision-making on how to further develop the School in all areas. And it is important that they know their voices are being heard.

At BCS we do not issue ballot papers. The Year 6 representatives do not have a vote. But one day, out in the wide world, they will face issues of national importance, such as, dare I say it ‘Does this country want to return to the European Union?!’

Chaotic though the Republican/Democrat battle may have seemed, every American of age, male and female, has had the right to his or her say in the Presidential Election. More have voted than ever before. Scores of millions of Americans will abhor the result, whatever it may be. But at least they had the chance to express their feelings – and took it.

Our mission at BCS is that the pupils of this School grow into responsible citizens, adults with opinions, convictions and carefully thought-out views. And I know that they are already being given this opportunity.

Linking the present with the future, our classrooms and corridors are looking bright and contemporary, ready to inspire not just our current children but thousands more over the years to come.

The children certainly had a pleasant surprise on their return with the refurbishment of the Centenary Building and Art and DT facilities. Yes, it takes more than COVID or the prospect of a second national lockdown to stop progress here and to quell the enthusiasm of our pupils…..even during a break from school.

You may remember that before half term I set a Nature photograph challenge. Well, I have been inundated with entries; so much so that I have enlisted the help of Mr Singleton, Chair of Governors, to choose the winners and those who should be highly commended.

Results will be available in next Friday’s Update, and in my Headmaster’s Friday assembly.

Congratulations also to everybody who made donations to our non-uniform day at the end of last half term. A massive £1,246.22 was raised for The Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Thank you for your amazing generosity.

This week, as the two septuagenarians slung insults at one another thousands of miles away I had the pleasure of leading Pre-Prep in their assembly, based around the story of David and Goliath. We considered the importance of being brave and having the courage to stand up for what you believe.

As year groups, we regularly focus on the importance of sharing problems with staff members to ensure that tiny acorns do not grow into troublesome trees. I must congratulate Year 1 and 2 for their brilliant responses and contributions.

On Wednesday, Chaplain delivered to St Luke’s Gas Street Foodbank the food that we collected at Harvest. Once again, thank you to all the children, parents and staff who contributed to this cause. It is important not to lose sight of values and to look after people less fortunate than ourselves.

Finally, in our class Bubbles, we watched our Remembrance Day Service and remembered those men and women who have given their lives in conflict. It was a heartwarming event; I hope that you will find time to view it over the course of the weekend.

Have a relaxing and safe weekend and please continue to follow the guidance laid out in my letter sent last Monday.


Mr Neeson