On their return from half term the children were so excited to see the make over of the Art Room. We now have splashes of colour everywhere and the children’s creative juices have been flowing in this vibrant new space! The machinery has been moved up from the former DT Room and the new #madeatBCS signs are sure to inspire some unique designs.

Already this week Year 3 have been continuing to study the work of Keith Haring. Haring’s work explores the depiction of the human form in the most simplistic manner. This echoes Year 3’s previous focus on Stone Age cave paintings. The children had a go at mono-printing as they explored Haring’s work further. Meanwhile Year 6 have challenged themselves to create a self portrait. The aim is to create a unique, but instantly recognisable depiction of themselves through any medium or style of their choosing. This follows their study of an array of 20th Century portrait artists. From Jawlensky to Dumas, Year 6 have explored realistic and abstract methods of producing a portrait. As they soon discovered, creating a self-portrait is not easy!

We take the opportunity to congratulate this term’s Stand Out Artists who are pictured below and have shown qualities such as patience and attention to detail in their work, understanding the importance of colour and vibrancy within art, showing use of shading and tone and the ability to use different mediums. We can’t wait to see what stunning artwork comes out of the Creative Arts Suite next! Well done everyone.

Mr Hegenbarth and Miss Moore