The world of comic strips and pulp fiction is full of their sensational stories: those heartthrob heroes who saved the world. Normally they are dressed in something very bright and streamlined. Most of them have dramatic superpowers. Some fly. Others drive fancy, technologically advanced, armoured cars. All of them appeal to our imagination because they have faced danger, confronted the end of the world as we know it – and solved what seemed to be an insuperable (I think the vogue word is ‘existential’) problem. Think James Bond. Picture Superman. Or, if you prefer, Superwoman. Cast your mind back to Flash Gordon. If your taste is for the more sinister, and the man in black, bring Batman back to mind. What do they have in common? Yes, they have all rescued us – at least in our gullible, febrile imaginations. With news that the vaccine is on its way to solve the crisis which looked as if it was here to stay, we can thank real-life heroes: the scientists and the doctors who have pitted their intelligence, their learning and their diligence, to show us some light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.

How often do we applaud the skills of the professional footballer, the film star, the entertainer, or the Superhero, and take for granted the work that is done by those who have trained for years and dedicated their lives and efforts for the public good? Well, the people who have produced anti-COVID vaccines are really in the process of saving the world. They do not wear fancy costumes. They will not appear on television. But, having worked hard through school, and used their brains ever since, they deserve every ounce of our respect and thanks. To misquote our great wartime leader Winston Churchill: “Never in the field of epidemiology will so much have been owed by so many to so few.”

Meanwhile, we do not simply plough on at BCS. We do our own innovation, too. Yes, many of you will already be aware that our own Superman, Mr Hill, as, with enormous help from his underlings, has  produced the School’s very own podcast. As I previewed last week it is absolutely excellent. Our young leaders speak with eloquence far beyond their years. Please do listen and celebrate what has been so expertly crafted.

Please also enjoy the new BCS videos on the School website homepage which feature all areas of school life and which we hope will be enjoyable and informative for current parents and prospective families alike.

It has been wonderful to continue to hear such positive words from the children regarding school life. The new COVID impacted Year Group houses are going down a storm, with the children feeling safe and secure at school. This, topped by the fact some children would like more Prep, has left me grinning from ear to ear. We must keep striving to be a school which provides limitless learning and has no glass ceiling on aspirations. To do this, like the scientists and the doctors mentioned earlier, we must give total commitment.

On Tuesday, children from BCS joined children from far and wide for Tune up Tuesday. This was a marvellous event, which bolstered and shouted out about the arts. Great praise must go to KEHS’s Head, Mrs Von Malaise, for organising such a wonderful and inspiring event. The children enjoyed learning about the Arts including music, art, dance and drama.

This week, many pupils had ABRSM music exams. As the School song says, ” We may be locked down but we won’t be knocked down.” These young musicians should be commended on their endeavour and hours of practice. Many have studied on Zoom for months. I congratulate them one and all, as well as our brilliant VMTs.

In Pre-Prep, Year Two caught my eye, with their brilliant creative arts projects, creating dioramas. I remember this project from the first lockdown when Mrs Neeson and my son had a great time working together. The children I saw this week were totally engrossed in their work. It was great to see such artistry in action at such a tender age. Very well done!

Final house hockey and rugby matches took place this week. There were many cracking games. The thing that struck me most was the skill and determination as well as strong companionship that shone throughout the week. Well done to every boy and girl for their hard work and support to their respective houses.

Week 10 saw St George’s lift the House Cup. With Mastermind and other house events on the horizon, I predict a close run into Christmas. Who will be the Champion of Champions for the Michaelmas Term?

Finally, I want to thank my staff for their outstanding hard work. Even with the vaccine on the horizon, never before has a Head asked so much of his staff. I am eternally grateful for all they do for our children.

Have a lovely safe, family weekend and keep in mind – Hands, Face, Space. Let’s do our best to keep us all safe moving forward.

Noel Neeson | Headmaster