Some fantastic news for Ismail in Year 4 who came 1st in Category B of the Ex Cathedra ‘Singing Medicine’ Story Competition. He was the overall winner of this writing competition and received some wonderful feedback from the judges.

Rhian Ivory, one of the four judges commented, “I loved this poem and read it several times, out loud, for pure enjoyment. You used rhyme in an inventive and innovative manner. Your delightful illustrations added to the writing, with clear lines and good use of colour. I thought the use of a canoe, antelope, Noah Bear, Max and the mouse were brilliant (what a great cast of characters) and I could easily imagine picking up this story and reading it to a class of children right now, it’s that good! A splendid effort and I look forward to reading more from you; you most certainly have a career as a storyteller! “

Very well done, Ismail.