Can I begin by reminding parents of the forthcoming parents’ seminar on mental health and well-being. This will take place ‪on February 1st at 7pm. I would ask all parents to join the event. It will help us not only to build a sense of community, but also to give us further strength as we begin to see light at the end of a long tunnel. In view of the need to look after ourselves both physically and mentally – and of our responsibility to the future of our planet – perhaps you will forgive me for advertising an out-of-school event that is taking place, nationally, on Sunday week. It has caught my attention, and it seems eminently worthwhile. It’s called The Big Winter Wander, and details can be found on the internet here. 

If you feel that you will be able to walk safely and will be able to follow your local government guidelines on outdoor exercise with your immediate household, on 24th January you can play a part in saving the planet. Nature has been a gift to offer us comfort and much-needed escape – especially during difficult times. Perhaps this is an opportunity to give back. 

I have it on good authority that there has been a 68% decline in wildlife populations globally. And I didn’t need to be convinced by anybody that we are destroying forests, choking oceans with plastic, causing devastating changes to the climate and using all the planet’s resources faster than nature can restore itself.

Mr Newman is setting a lockdown challenge for the children. Please watch our assembly from this afternoon and join in the fun. It will get you thinking! Well done to this week’s dance-off winner, Harry Year 6!

Our Heads of School are asking that children email us with comments of support for the staff, who have inspired them in general or with a certain lesson. Please contribute to the “Give A Shout Out For Your Teacher!” section of our weekly assembly.

You should by now be in receipt of our Distance Learning questionnaire. As a school that reflects routinely on its methodology and actions, we must always strive for advancements and excellence in all we do.

The responses to the questionnaire will help us further sense check our provision and ensure that we can support our staff during our INSET day by tweaking the provision if need be.  We can never stand still but neither will we make adaptations for the sake of it.

Can I also thank parents for getting our hard work out into the community. We have been inundated with applications for our 7+ assessment day and enquiries across the School are at a premium. It has been busier than ever before. Many prospective parents have cited that current parents’ praise of the School has been a major factor in applying for a place at BCS. Thank you! 

Finally, I am excited to announce that next Thursday, I will join Luke Moss, our brilliant catering manager, who will be hosting a live Zoom cooking event. Families are encouraged to join and create a culinary masterpiece under Luke’s direction and listen to me being questioned on all things food. I can hear Mrs N heartily laughing at this thought already!! Further details are in the article below.

On that note enjoy the weekend and rest well and stay safe!

With every best wish,

Mr Noel Neeson | Headmaster