Many congratulations to our Prep stars this week!


Tamara Porter – For being proactive with her online learning and asking questions when needed.
Dhruv Kharkanis – Working independently online and always giving 100% in all his lessons.
Mia Zeng – For her enthusiasm in all lessons, but particularly in ERIC lessons where she has been an active participant sharing ideas around our class book Matilda.
Karam Dosanjh – For completing her independent work to a high standard and consistently trying her best.
Siyona Rao – For remaining focussed and hardworking during our distance learning.
Carlino Kumar – For contributing lots during lessons and trying his best with his independent work.
Lucian Lau – For his positive and enthusiastic attitude to Home Learning.
Oli Cowley – For persevering with all his tasks. Showing dedication to his learning.
Navya De – For being attentive in all lessons and being proactive with answers and her learning.
Ines Kachloul – For always being cheerful, prompt to online lessons and asking sensible questions.
Mischa Bailey – For being highly interactive in every lesson with wonderful online etiquette.
Tejvir Kaur-Rai – For giving 100% to every task set and using the google slides to back to check information.
Myle Faraz – For always being on time and having a wonderful smile on his face to greet 3SA


Max H-S – For being so enthusiastic in all lessons and keen to join in
Lydia Braham – For fabulous accurate Maths work. Great focus in lessons as well.
Shreya Raja – For being so polite online and making very good contributions to discussions.
Ishaan Chatha – For great focus during Maths and working very hard.Vidur Doger Excellent work in Maths and always being so engaged and cheerful.
Unayzah Khan – For working so hard in Maths and always being ready respond and tackle a challenge.
Sophie Longworth – For excellent work in maths and always being engaged and ready to have a go at any challenge.
Noah Olatayo-Moses – For being engaged in lessons, offering answers and opinions, and working hard to increase his pace.Mei-Li Taylor – Excellent work in Science and always being so cheerful and willing to persevere
Madalen Cotterill – A super attitude to Maths, working really hard and pushing herself to check her work really thoroughly.
Aditi Mohanty – A fantastic attitude to online learning – always participating in discussions and working extremely hard
Rosie Moody – Wonderful perseverance in maths and working extremely hard.Anna Newman Excellent interest, engagement and work in her Humanities lessons.
Anna Newman – Excellent interest, engagement and work in her Humanities lessons.
Aditya Solanki – An exceptionally high standard of work and independent research in Humanities
Aaryan Sharma-Patel – Excellent engagement in Humanities and a desire to investigate and understand Tudor life.
Lucy Carberry – For her interest and engagement in Humanities and asking great questions.Aaria Ratti
Priscilla Stojek
Ritika Harsh
Amber Laroiya


Krish Choudhury – Answering Comprehension questions in detail and using the mark scheme well
Evangeline Ernest – Excellent attitude and independent work in all lessons.
Pranav Uday – Excellent contributions in Humanities.
Aarya Yallappa – For answering questions in detail across different subjects and for working independently either in school or at home
Riah Bailey – Excellent attitude in all maths lessons – fully focused.
Arjun Gill – Enthusiastic oral contributions to English and Maths Google Meet sessions.
Remy Granger – Great focus and enthusiasm in every English lessons – and a superb impression of riding a horse!
Joey Zhu – Working really hard and still engaging with lessons even though his camera is not working
Rosa Lester – Super fractions work – persevering with a tricky topic and being successful in mastering it!
Jaskiran Rai – For volunteering regularly to answer questions and challenging herself to uplevel her vocabulary.
Vivek Ratti – Amazing work with fractions this week!
Silas Saha – Self motivated and has produced some excellent work in Maths this week! Well done!
Adam Abdul Galeel – Excellent engagement in every online lesson and always maintaining a cheerful disposition
Moritz Bongs – Excellent enthusiasm in every lesson.
Anya Kapil – Excellent concentration throughout English this week!
Rouxi Ma – Super effort in all her maths work this week!
Siyao Ou – For showing a commitment and enthusiasm to every lesson
Wilf Crow-Marcetic – Good engagemnet with learning and asking/answering questions
Joshua Li – For taking time and care of his presentation in his maths work.
Jack Robinson – Self motivated and independent with her work putting in great detail to tasks in Science.
Susie Tomlinson – Self motivated and independent with her work putting in great detail to tasks in Science.


Lara Wilcox – For a brilliant Mystic Rose creation in Maths. Great perseverance!
Connie Zhang – For always displaying care and effort with her work. For demonstrating a positive attitude towards Distance Learning.
Alex Constantinou – For a positive and enthusiastic approach to his work. Always smiling even during times of difficulty!
Sebastian Stendall – For displaying a positive attitude in all lessons and being a very active participant during Google Meet discussions.
Joshvir Sandhu – For showing commitment and care. Completing tasks and remembering to submit them on time. Showing good maturity and demonstrating BCS Values in distance learning.
Govind Dhillon – For showing commitment and enthusiasm in his Maths lessons. Continuing to try his best and extremely active in Google Meet discussions.
Marcus Wigg – Exceptional work in maths with looking for and understanding patterns in investigations.
George Qin – Super contribution to RE when learning about mosques.
Lola Jones – Using super inference skills in ERIC to make predictions.
Keya Sharma – For showing maturity in her approach to all her learning and kindness towards her peers
Yandy Chen – For her contributions in all Form lessons and superb illustrations in RE
Toby Mantle – For his enthusiasm in all English and Form lessons, as well as kindness towards his peers.
Elisavet Matopoulou – For her never ending commitment and participation in all Form lessons. A great diary entry written in English!
Poppy Griffin – For excellent effort in Maths during investigation week. A particularly impressive Mystic Rose creation.
Kenza Kachloul – For being so enthusiastic and positive all the time.
Harris Rahman – For great understanding and contributions, particularly in Humanities.
Henry Coughlan – For maintaining a high level of focus and producing excellent work across several subjects.