Very well done to our Prep Stars this week!


Enaya Aftab – For her hardworking attitude in lessons and for staying focussed on the job in hand when learning online.
Destinee McKenzie – For joining each online lesson with a smile, contributing in class and submitting her work for each and every activity.
James Barwell – For his contributions to all class discussions online. James will always share his views and listen to others. Well done.
Jago Wells – For always being online on time and being attentive to the learning in all lessons and always handing in his work promptly.
Lexi Higgs – For her enthusiasm in all subjects. Lexi always joins each lessons with a friendly smile and puts great effort into her learning.
Shruti Sivaraman – For consistently trying her best. Shruti has been very focussed and persevered during her lessons.
Rohan Uppal – For his positivity. Rohan has had a great attitude to distance learning. He has shown resilience and kept on going!
Tystan Vlok – For contributing during our lessons. Trystan thinks carefully about our learning and enthusiastically shares his ideas.
Jonathan Nganwa – For progressing really well and making positive and valid contributions to online lessons.
Paarus Dhillon – For contributing in every lesson and producing a high standard of work.
Jasper Neeson – For his perseverance, as well as giving ideas during lessons and taking ideas on board during feedback.
Aria Patel – Her kindness to everyone in the class and her positivity that radiate through google classroom!
Edith Pemble – Always answering questions and showing SO much enthusiasm for learning. Improving at keeping calm when things don’t work.
James Lawson-Bennett – His resilient learning demeanour and positive attitude to distance learning. Well done for never giving up James and always trying your best!!!
Aydin Khan – Increasing confidence on google classroom and excellent improvement in quality of tasks. Fantastic effort Aydin!


Emily de Bono – For putting so much effort into her online work.
Sammy Noble – For some super Maths work recently.
Otis Hodge – For some super Maths work recently.
Ahryan Paul – For trying so very hard in Maths and working well.
Oliver Trethewey – For a fantastic, hard working attitude in Maths, always participating with enthusiasm and a smile.
James Armstrong – An excellent approach to online learning. Engaged in lessons and fantastic manners.
Taran Bahia – Showing a fantastic approach to online learning, with positivity and perseverance.
Kabir Tajuria – For positive contributions during live Meets and working hard in English and Humanities.
Serena Wadhwa – For always showing outstanding effort in every lesson, participating in class discussions and always going above and beyond with the work she produces.
Neth Medagoda – For an excellent attitude towards online learning and for pushing himself to participate in lessons
Eliza Coughlan – For great curiosity in lessons and a super attitude towards all aspects of online learning – Eliza is always enthusiastic and engaged in learning.
Taneesha Shetty – Working hard in every subject and producing some wonderful work in English and Humanities
Miles Elledge – For an excellent attitude towards his Maths work this week. Trying hard and persevering when things get tricky
Xander Hawley – For always being punctual and completing his work well.
Hasan Riaz – For an excellent attitude towards his Reading Comprehension and Grammar work. Completing these confidently and accurately.
Karrie Chiu – For being a delight to teach. Always completing her work well and persevering through technical difficulties.
Neve D’Naute – For excellent effort and participation in Maths
Lara Sethi – For great concentration, effort and participation in English lessons, and always having a cheerful smile!
Seb Raine – For excellent perseverance with computer problems and a great standard of work.
Will Almond – For brilliant participation and effort in Maths and English, and a great standard of work.


Stefan Claridge – Using excellent description in his writing
Siyuan Ou – Just being fantastic in every lesson!
Jonty Scurlock – Showing excellent perseverance in his Creative Writing work on Thursday – keep up the good work!
Shawn Sen – For answering questions in detail across different subjects and for working independently either in school or at home
Arjun Desai – Working really hard and engaging with lessons
Isabella Gabriel – For work through mathematical investigations systematically!
Ethan Graves – Excellent engagement in R.E., P.S.H.E. and Humanities. Excited to see his completed Taj Mahal!
Liang Zi Zhao – Excellent perseverance and work ethic in Maths. Keep it up!
Ramneek Chatha – Excellent participation in English and always having a smile on her face
Tom Cowley – Excellent engagement in Maths and a fantastic Taj Mahal cake!
Abhav Massey – For having an excellent approach towards a tricky investigation. Well done!
Felix Powell – For excellent engagement and cheerful participation in every lesson.
Avni Samra – Self motivated and has produced some excellent work in Maths this week! Well done!
Maya Laroiya – Fantastic Maths work on Wednesday – amazing effort with focus and pace!
Yashna Maghizh – For a brilliant distance learning effort so far, particularly for asking interesting questions in Maths and English.
Riyadh Rahman – His enthusiasm in Humanities, especially during our Taj Mahal model lessons!
Jack Soundy – Adapted to learning in school really well. Always doing what he’s asked first time. Helping to keep the classroom tidy
Aadya Agrawal – For continuing with Distance Learning from a new location.
Lois Hughes – Brilliant perseverance with fractions work.
Keya Sidhu – Engaging with every lesson with enthusiasm.
Isabella Wyndham – Excellent participation and engagement in Maths and English.


Charlie Serban  – For outstanding work in English, making thoughtful contributions and writing a powerful trenches narrative.
Aiden Verma – For excellent effort when completing narrative writing based on the trenches in World War I.
Sam Hodges – For mature and thoughtful contributions, both written and in discussion, during English lessons.
Emily Smallwood – For working with focus and making thoughtful contributions to all lessons.
Lola Jones – Using super inference skills in ERIC to make predictions.
Maya McCracken – For great and thoughtful contributions during PSHE discussions.
Jodhay Kaur – For a superb effort when designing a powerful propaganda poster in Humanities.
Lucia Maio – For mature and thoughtful contributions, both written and in discussion, during English lessons.
Anuva Doger – For her fantastic contributions in Humanities and for designing a powerful propaganda poster.
Ria Hiwarkar – For her enthusiasm in all lessons and for designing a very creative propaganda poster.
Daniel Du – For his enthusiasm in maths lessons and his mature reasoning to explain his approach to finding a solution to a mathematical problem.
Jack Whiting – Working with focus and contributing thoughtfully in ERIC.
Yasin Elashry – For designing a powerful propaganda poster and contributing thoughtfully in several subjects.
Zuva Mumbengegwi-Richmond – For outstanding work in English, writing a poignant trenches narrative.
Toby Smoldon – For making thoughtful contributions in several subjects and designing a powerful propaganda poster.
Lucie Evans – Working with focus and contributing perceptively in all lessons, particularly English and ERIC.