We have enjoyed a very busy and productive week in Year 1. Investigating waterproof materials to keep the Blue Coat Bear dry was the focus of our practical experiment in science this week. In Humanities, the children focused on Florence Nightingale, thinking about the positive influence that she had on the nursing profession. They wrote some wonderful persuasive letters in role as Florence and created striking posters. The children have worked tirelessly to complete halving and data handling work in maths.

Lila and the Secret of Rain is the key text that we have concentrated on in  English, after inferring the main character’s thoughts and feelings, the children built up to writing the story in the first person. Pointillism has been the topic of conversation and creativity in out art lessons and the quality of work with attention to detail has been impressive.

The PSHE focus has been, ‘Respecting Difference’ the children have  had the opportunity to think about the ways they are similar and different to their peers and to discuss how we should treat and respect one another. We turned our attention to the story of, ‘King Solomon’ in RE and wrote a class prayer.

The children made some fantastic posters in science, using catchy slogans to encourage good hygiene and hand washing. In art, badge designs were created to celebrate and thank key workers. What a super week, well done Year 1!

Ms Benjamin-Coker