Dragons have been the theme of the week in our Humanities and Creative Arts lessons! We learnt about the legend of St George and the Dragon as part of our studies of England and its heritage. We have taken our time to produce some detailed, colourful (and scary!) dragons, persevering and making sure our sketches and completed artwork is the best it can be.

In Year 2 we have also been reading the story about Jesus calming the storm and learning about the importance of trusting God when we are worried about something and understanding that if we believe in God he will look after us. The children also talked about other ways that we can get rid of our worries and the children made some lovely “blow your worries away’ windsocks.

In English this week, we focused on poetry. We read and responded to poems, wrote and performed them. We looked at Nonsense poetry and Monster poetry and had a go at writing some Monster Acrostic poems which can be seen below. We hope that you are scared by them?!