Following a very enjoyable evening watching Mr Neeson get to grips with golden syrup and oats, Mr Moss is returning with a new guest for our second Cook-Along!

On Thursday, 11th February, Mr Moss will be joined by Chaplain. This time he will be teaching you how to make macaroni cheese.

You will need to have the following ingredients and equipment ready:

250g macaroni pasta (pre cooked before the lesson – boil for 8 minutes)
40g Butter or margarine
40g plain flour
1 pint of milk – full fat or semi-skimmed
250g cheddar cheese (grated)
1tsp mustard

Extra Toppings (optional)
Chopped Bacon
Sliced Chicken
Chopped Peppers
Different cheeses crumbled
Sage and Onion Stuffing Mix
Any herbs

1 Saucepan
1 small oven dish
1 wooden spoon
1 whisk

If you wish to make a grown-ups version then you might like to have the following to hand:
200g Macaroni Cooked
250g cream cheese or Philadelphia
100ml milk
Chopped or torn smoked salmon

You can see from the photos below that it was lots of fun last time with over 100 families participating. Do tune in at 5.30pm next week, your dinner for the evening will be sorted! (Zoom link will be sent by email)