At School we have made the very most of National Storytelling Week. Over the past five days, Staff across the school have read extracts from favourite children’s books in Prep, and short stories in Pre-Prep. The children have loved them. I hope that this small gesture supports the development of lifelong love of reading. 

On the subject of stories, there has surely been no more ‘romantic’ one than that of centenarian Captain Sir Tom Moore, whose amazing life came to an end on Tuesday. When this national hero was but of Pre-Prep age, Agatha Christie was starting out as a fledgling writer. James Joyce’s Ulysses came out when Tom was learning to walk and The Great Gatsby before he wore long trousers. To live to the age of 100 is an amazing achievement in itself, but then his story had such a remarkable final chapter. If any of us feels the need for an example of service, resilience and dogged determination, we need to look no further. He surely gave the lie to the lines that Shakespeare gave to Macbeth. “Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.” What meaning he gave to his later years. And how significant they have been at this testing time.

As we all know, Sir Tom showed us extraordinary powers of physical health, walking the length of his garden once for each year of his life. He raised unimaginable sums for the NHS millions in the process, and doubtless inspired dozens of potatoes to rise from their couches. While we all salute him for his energy and dynamism, rather than on physical health, we at BCS have this week focused on Mental Health. Dr Hazel Harrison gave an outstanding webinar – to over 100 parents – on ‘The 5 Pillars of Wellbeing.”

Feedback from the evening was first rate. The ‘event’ has surely helped to focus the minds of our parents and staff on the importance of this topic. We rounded off the week by having a dress down day called Dress to Express. This brought much delight to our pupils.

Children at home and school have been using 15 minutes every afternoon to develop a thoughtful approach by carrying out daily mindful exercises. It has been very well received.

Even in these unprecedented times, the School is focusing on charity support with our Smartie Challenge. The idea is to save pocket money or money given for chores and to fill a Smartie Tube by the time we return to School after half term. We will collect and celebrate all donations on our return. (hopefully in March!) All monies raised will go to Feed Brum. This is a really worthwhile and purposeful charity. If Sir Tom can raise £33 million, we need to set our sights as high as possible….!

Finally, next week, our very successful Cook Along programme with Mr Moss will continue on Thursday evening. His special guest will be Chaplain. Please come along and end the half term together.

On that note have a super weekend. And continue to stay safe.

Mr Noel Neeson | Headmaster