As well as it being Children’s Mental Health Week, this week has also been National Storytelling Week. Taking time out to enjoy a good story can do the world of good for our wellbeing and so both themes coincided nicely for our Blue Coat pupils.

To kick start the week the staff had been busy recording themselves reading a children’s picture book or a chapter of a longer novel. This was then shared via a Storytelling website. We hope that the children enjoyed seeing their teachers and also some of the Support staff and listening to them read.

Lia in Year 1 was certainly inspired and after hearing Ms Benjamin-Coker read ‘The Paper Dolls’, Lia wrote her own story and made a chain of paper dolls as her mindfulness activity – well done Lia!

Listening to the Staff reading stories has certainly become part of the bedtime story routine in the Ayub household this week, with a growing list of books to be requested on the Reading Cloud. Some of the staff are pictured below but there are lots more, so please do visit the Storytelling Website if you have not already done so. If your children are looking for some new high quality reading material in addition to the books from the BCS Reading Challenge, watch the videos and I’m sure they will be inspired!

It would be inexcusable of me to talk about novels and not share that our favourite annual event, World Book Day, is on the horizon next month. This year, we are seeking ways to make this equally as exciting and will be arranging opportunities for our pupils to participate in virtual author events, but more to come soon.

Mrs Ayub