The children in Year 2 have been learning about Wales this week as part of their Humanities topic about the countries in the UK. They learned all about St David and how he became the Patron Saint of Wales and to help remember all about St David they made some excellent 3D models of him.

In Science, we learnt about Sir Isaac Newton and how he invented what we know today as the colour spectrum. We made a Newton Wheel, where, when you spin it fast enough, the eye combines the spinning colours to make it look like it they merge to make white.

Year 2 have been extremely creative, improving their drawing skills using their own imagination and drawing from close observation. They are becoming wonderful artists! Most of the drawings have been linked to the Humanities work about the four countries in the United Kingdom. We have drawn the four emblems of the UK, have imagined what the Loch Ness Monster might look like, created scary dragon collages to fit in with St George and the Dragon. Also, the children have drawn montages of what is important to them and of course, had a go at sketching Winnie the Pooh. This week, they have been very ‘mindful’ whilst drawing marks and other pictures. There next project is to draw daffodils and create a shamrock composition, so watch this space………

Mrs Wingfield, Mr Fogarty and Mrs Straw