In Humanities this half term Year 1 have been learning about two historical figures that have had a positive influence on the nursing profession. Florence Nightingale was a British nurse who went out to the Crimean War to help the wounded soldiers. The children have looked at how she completely transformed the hospital making it into a much safer and more hygienic place for soldiers to recuperate. They have learnt that she was known as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’. The children have written some wonderful persuasive letters in the role as Florence and have created some striking posters.

The children then looked at the life and work of Mary Seacole, a Jamaican nurse who also went out to help injured soldiers in the Crimean War. The children have written some interesting facts about her life and have investigated the herbal remedies that she famously used to help cure the sick and injured. The children have enjoyed following the lives of these two women learning how they overcame many obstacles to follow their nursing ambitions.

Mrs Vaughan