Idris Douis – For producing a high standard of work in all his lessons so far during distance learning and not being phased by technical issues along the way.
Priya Bhatt – For her fantastic learning in Science. Priya has enjoyed learning about plants and she has produced some brilliant work to show her understanding.
Delara Raeiszadeh – For a fantastic diary entry in RE. Great description and captured what it may have felt like.
Esther Sun – Never gives less than 100% during lessons and for tasks.
Liam Liu – For being an attentive learner during online sessions and always being prepared to contribute in online discussions.
Junius Zhao – For trying hard to improve his focus and concentration. Junius has made a real effort to listen carefully during lessons and develop his independence.
Karen Jia – For persevering and showing the BCS values when online. Showing a quiet determination when working.
Mia Mudie – Giving a lot of effort with her English writing and posing some excellent questions to her favourite author.
Arya Bhala – For always having a cheerful attitude and producing a very high standard in all her online lessons.
Jayden Liu – For embracing distance learning so enthusiastically. Jayden has had a positive attitude to his learning and has also completed lots of interesting extra activities which he shares with us.
Finn Burrell – For throwing himself into his work and going above and beyond to complete extra activities.
Freddie Wood – Always completing all tasks to an impeccable standard.
Olivia Zhang – For her cool calm and collected attitude and her effort when working in school despite some technological hitches.
Kyra Sandhu – For her excellent independent work. Kyra has shown perseverance during distance learning. She always ensures she completes the learning and tries her best.
Loic Granger – For producing work to an excellent standard and taking on any feedback given. Answering lots of questions in every lesson!


Mani Kaur – For fabulous Maths work and trying so very hard.
Yang He – For an excellent attitude to his learning and for brilliant perseverance.
Rajveer Kejriwal – For great contributions to Google Meets and some super English work.
Matthias von Malaise – or focusing so well in lessons and some super English work.
Sinai Hamilton – Always being so cheerful and enthusiastic and working so hard in all lessons.
Ari Rupal – For trying his best in Science lessons during our new topic of Variety of Living Things.
Ishaan Chatha – Good participation and effort with his learning in English.
Mia Sargeant – For persevering with Maths work and thinking carefully about each task.
Ismaeel Alam – For his consistent hard work in Maths lessons and always being ready to take on a challenge.
Hugo Brinkman – Showing excellent determination in lessons and a huge improvement in effort.
Zail Bhatti – For exceptional effort in Science lessons and sharing his exceptional knowledge with the class.
Toby Williams – Working really hard this week and joining in more in class discussion.
Shaan Samra – For an excellent attitude to his learning and being engaged with all online lessons, especially English.
Aarush Sen – Working extremely hard in mathematics and always trying hard.
Bertie Charles – For a wonderful piece of written work completed in Creative Writing last week, writing a lovely letter to Sir Walter Raleigh.
Rubie Johal – Fantastic effort and attainment in every Maths lesson!
Lauren Roberts – For a big improvement in effort and producing some excellent work in English and Maths.
Ellie Nikolousi – For a super attitude in all lessons and for being so cheerful and enthusiastic.
Daniel Tyler – For being the champion of 4ET’s quiz! As well as generally trying incredibly hard in all Science and Humanities lessons.
Daven Rawal – For a big improvement in effort and concentration and producing a higher standard of work.


Faiz Ahmed – For persevering in every lesson, never giving up and producing some great work!
Zayn Ahmed – Always showing the BCS Values. Great involvement with BCS Mindfulness Week.
Mira Amlani – Always showing the BCS Values, despite working at home
Wahid Abdurrahman – Much improved effort, concentration and contribution in Maths! Keep it up!
Kevin Ge – Being prompt, prepared and polite. Engaging more fully with tasks.
Armaan Iqbal – For producing a great Humanities project and for showing enthusiasm every lesson
Bikram Kang – Great effort being punctual to lessons and excellent application in both his maths and English work! Keep it up Bikram!
Syed Ashal Ahmed – Using the features of a continuation narrative well
Robert Miller – Excellent participation in every lesson.
Raheena Nadeem – Positive and enthusiastic sharing of non screen activities and achievements.
Chloe Tian – For being enthusiastic in every lesson, contributing from start to finish.
Anusha Singh – Super effort with her maths work over the last week. Working systematically and listening carefully to her feedback.
Sofia Mahmood – Excellent participation and contributions during Maths lessons and all foundation subjects.
Nihal Rai – Taking on board advice and putting super effort into expanding his comprehension responses to include greater detail this week – hurrah!
Haoyang Sun – For improving engagement and cheerful participation in every lesson.
Beatrice Salvi – Excellent perseverance even when she finds a task difficult!
Li Wan – For working independently and with a good pace throughout every lesson
Jia Yi Wu – Working hard to complete his work, which is getting better and better each week!

Kiran Bhatt – For outstanding effort and participation this week in all lessons!
Anya Stewart – For remaining focused and engaged within English and maths lessons during DL.
Rohun Manarkattu – For an excellent week in English. Thoughtful and focused contributions. An excellent, emotive piece written of a bullet’s journey in the form of a poem.
Joel Drake – Consistent focus and effort in maths and science lessons. Excellent contributions in class.
Millie Smith – For excellent contributions to lessons and always showing an eagerness to learn more!
Aleyah Ahmed – For an excellent piece of poetry detailing the journey of a bullet in World War One.
John Cibelli – For an excellent week in Humanities and for writing a very thoughtful diary entry in character as a soldier in WW1, as well as mature and insightful contrinbutions in English.
Neil Nair – Great focus and contributions in English and Humanities, with high quality written work.
Immy Mudie – For contributing thoughtful and considerate responses within all her lessons and for creative writing (an excellent personification poem in English).
Siyena Begh – For superb enthusiasm and participation in every English and maths lesson, for trying her best in every lesson and for always turning up on time with the correct uniform and equipment.
Raena Torane – For an excellent week via Distance Learning, particularly for her efforts in Humanities and for writing a very thoughtful diary entry in character as a soldier in World War One, as well as a powerful personification poem in English.
Elena Mirza – Thoughtful contributions in all subjects and particularly great writing in Humanities and English.
Kush Rupal – For an excellent piece of poetry detailing the journey of a bullet in World War One.
Imogen Brinkman – For displaying an excellent attitude to learning in English and Maths. Very active engagement within the Google Meets!
Aneesha Sandhu – For a positive week via Distance Learning and for writing a very honest and reflective book review following the ERIC lessons this week on the theme of the Holocaust.
Karman Khatkar – Excellent work in English, maths and Humanities.