Y6 have written some fantastic personification poems this week in the role of a bullet during WW1.  We hope you enjoy reading their super work!

The Bullet

I was born in a factory, surrounded by millions of my kind,
I was manufactured, given my main body,
I then was given a skin,
Some called it a tomb, some a shell.

I later found out the purpose of my life:
To be a murderer, an assassin;
So, with many soldiers I was shipped off to France.

Today I fight in the war.
The wait was unbearable… 
I heard blood-curdling screams as my brothers pierced the hearts of the foes.
I smelled gunpowder in the barrel that I was in.
And, even with the loud gunfire, the hissing of the gas,
Above all of the commotion, I heard my master cock the gun ready for battle .
I heard the trigger click.

Adrenaline surged through my shell as, with utmost power and force I was launched through the air
My tomb clinked  on the floor;
A million emotions ran through me;
My life flashed before my eyes;
This was it. My time to shine.
This was the moment my whole life led up to
Everything was in slow motion… 

By Rohun – 6RA