Aficionados of this column (!) will not be unaware that one of my keenest leisure activities is watching rugby. In recent years Exeter Chiefs have grabbed my attention, but being from north of the border, I am proud to confess that the Scottish national team claims my loyalty at this time of the year. The majority of my readership will have been born south of Hadrian’s Wall; I will refrain from recalling the opening day of the Six Nations Championship. However, being a generous-minded fellow, I want to wish England all the very best in their wooden spoon decider against Italy this weekend.

Moving swiftly on…I found myself on the wrong TV channel early this week, and inadvertently discovered the delights of a food preparation programme which involved male and female celebrities including the Prime Minister’s sister, Rachel, and a former shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. Ed Balls is clearly a jack of all trades. Game, too. On ‘Strictly’, he turned his twinkle toes to everything from a Jive to a Cha Cha, and now, here he was, turning his hand to roast chicken with all the trimmings. With such sangfroid and economy of movement. Just a shame that his gravy was a little too thin for the judges’ taste. Has he never heard of Bisto?

Anyway, BCS has devised its very own, less competitive, way of improving the culinary skills of its community. All courtesy of Mr Moss and Chaplain. I must congratulate both of them on an excellent evening of cooking. To my burgeoning list of cheese dishes I can now add macaroni and cheese. So, as a special family treat in the Neeson household this weekend, anticipating Scotland’s second Six Nations win – against Wales – it’s going to be Cheese on Toast for starter (Welsh Rarebit, in fact), followed by Mac and Cheese for main! I’ve found the grater already. Mrs N, will surely be impressed! But seriously, I wonder who will be our next BCS celebrity chef. Maybe we should have a vote…..

It does not take a Marcus Rashford to tell us how important food is to youngsters, but I know how much mental energy our pupils have used up, embracing online teaching which has become the norm.

As we reach the half term break, I believe that we should all reflect on a highly successful term. Understandably, the children are flagging now, and this half term break brings the chance to recharge the batteries. Well done, one and all. Progress is being made and their IT skills are on point. I commend the staff for the high octane teaching, and for their online efficiency. The teachers all deserve great credit for their excellent work, both academic and pastoral.  

Due to the need for distance learning, Internet Safety Week had even more relevance this year. As a reminder to all, please ensure that you are fully aware of what your children are accessing online. This is a prerequisite in keeping our children safe.

It was lovely today to see the children dress down, to support our lockdown charity, Feed Brum. Thank you to all who are contributing financially to help those less fortunate. It is greatly appreciated.

Finally thank you to you the parents for the support to your children and staff this half term. It really does mean the world to us, as we work as one. God willing, we will be together very soon.

Mr Noel Neeson | Headmaster