We are missing live music so much but wanted to share that in true Blue Coat fashion, pupils and staff have been ‘cheerfully persevering’ and achieving great things online. In fact some children have embraced the new format on Zoom so well, they are simply flying!

Of course none of this would be possible without our fantastic team of Visiting Music Teachers and equally supportive parents. Thank you!

Looking back, we are reminded that singing has not been able to take place face-to-face since the School was first required to close at the start of the global pandemic. Nevertheless, every week the children have committed to their Zoom singing lessons with such enthusiasm and positive attitude. Even when lessons have been much later as they needed to be scheduled after the school day had finished, Miss Godwin has been met with warm smiles and excited faces on screen. The children have continued to work on their technique, vocal exercises, grade pieces, aural and sight singing, all via the computer, for what has nearly been a whole year! They even managed ‘Miss Godwin’s Christmas Zoom Karaoke’. Special congratulations to:

Peter Coleman
Yousef Najib
Dezhen Chen
Susannah Nicholas
Nandini Kumar
Rubie Johal
Anusha Singh
Stefan Claridge
Ria Hiwarker
Sarika Hulait
Anya Stewart
Isabella Gabriel
Dan Southall
Mira Amlani
Harry Forty
Karam Singh Gill
Li Wan
Abhav Massey

For our instrumentalists, a large number have also committed to continuing their music lessons ‘virtually’ and everyone one of them is to be congratulated.

We are delighted to give a special ‘Shout Out’ to:

Piano with Mr Elliot
Karrie Chiu – for covering a large repertoire, listening and enjoying her lessons.
Daniel Du – for a great effort this term and playing his Grade 6 pieces to a high standard.
Lucia Maio – for being very engaged and working hard on her scales and pieces with great determination.
Reuben Cuell – for showing remarkable engagement and attentiveness at such a young age, Reuben is a pleasure to teach!
John Cibelli – for a fine effort to learn his Grade 1 pieces and showing excellent enthusiasm.

Brass with Mr George
Isabella Gough (Trumpet) – working well through the ‘Accent on Achievement’ method with mum (5 & 6 note melodies)
Otis Hodge (Trumpet) – working well through the Pam Wedgwood ‘Really Easy Jazzy’ pieces, supported by dad
Jacob Romano (Trombone) – Great working at the ABRSM Grade 3 rep – Rondo Olympia/Close Every Door etc, supported by mum
Moritz Bongs (Trombone) – Now diligently working toward the Grade 5 rep – Jam Bouree/Imperial March/Flennon Study, exceptionally well supported by mum
Susie Tomlinson (Trumpet) – Working at some well known themes (Walking in the Air & Addams Family?!) and tentatively starting Grade 4 repertoire, including ‘Hedwig’s Theme, well supported by mum
Greg Hackett ( French Horn) – Grade 2 rep Walk in the Rain/Tennessee Rag/High Street & more recently some Pam Wedgwood ‘Really Easy Jazzin’ pieces, very ably assisted by Dad
Tom Cowley (French Horn) – Now looking at Trinity Grade 2 rep ‘Where is Love?’/Mozart Figaro Aria, patiently supported by mum.

Cello with Mrs Carey
Great efforts from:
Sabreena Townsend
Carlino Kumar
Elizabeth Nganwa
Olivia Zhang
Madalen Cotterill

Piano with Mrs Wilander
Arya Knobbs for learning to play hands together pieces so quickly.
Edward Smiley for some excellent performances of The Wheels on the Bus and other pieces.
Zachary Asanga for making a great start on his Detective.
Amadora Ramos Liu for improving the little details in her playing hugely.
Ellie Wongso for an exciting Tarantella.
Susie Bentick for working hard with a clear goal in mind.

Music Theory and Piano with Dr Morrall
Mortiz Bongs
Oliver Trethewey
Joshua Li
Robert Miller

Madalen Cotterill
Daniel Tyler
Aaria Ratti
William Nicolson

Guitar with Mr Gough
Dhruv and Ihra Karkhanis are both making excellent progress through their books and will soon be onto their Grade 1 material.
Vidur Doger has worked hard and quickly moved onto the grade 1 repertoire.
James Armstrong – working hard and progressing well.

Flute and Drums with Mr McDowall
Poppy Griffin, Lucie Evans and Keya Sharma for excellent effort and progress
Felix Powell, Evangeline Ernest, Sam Noble, Zaun Ahmed and Ashal Ahmed for hard work and concentration during their lessons
Lydia Braham, Devavrath Wangi, Anya Kapil and Rayan Anderson for commitment and greeting me with a great smile each week!
Judah Hughes, Jayden Liang, Barnaby Horwich-Smith, Samuel Du, and Rafael Porter for making such good beginner progress

Violin and Piano with Mrs Murphy
Mrs Murphy has been impressed by all her pupils (and parents!) who have continued to work so hard in online lessons. A fantastic ‘Can Do’ attitude is ensuring that all the children are continuing to make great progress.

ABRSM are running a free webinar to help support parents who have children working towards Performance Examinations. This will take place at 12.00 noon on 19 February. To register please CLICK HERE. Parents can email any questions about Performance Grades in advance of the webinar to marketing@abrsm.ac.uk, or send their questions through the chat feature during the webinar and we will answer as many as possible. If parents can’t make the live webinar, they can still sign up and will be sent a recording after the event.