Our House Heads have a short message of thanks for our outgoing officers:

St Monica’s would like to say “ thank you” to the retiring House Leaders, who have definitely stepped up to take a lead, in this year of virtual House Assemblies. House Captain Anya and her Deputy Siyena have kept the yellow flag flying, with prayers and messages in assemblies, and a tricky general knowledge quiz, to keep us all puzzling! Khadija and Millie ensured their Sports Quiz kept us active (and encouraged us not to give up, when house matches were a struggle!). Connie and Anya’s music quiz hit the right note(!) and Elisavet and Raaye ensured that charity events remained uppermost in our minds – and got us in the Christmas spirit with their seasonal quiz. Thanks to all the team for stepping up to contribute their enthusiasm and leadership to our House.

Mrs Redfern

The Michaelmas House officers took on their leadership roles in the new house bubble, in their stride. Rising to the challenge, they thought hard about ways they could bring the house together, especially on a Friday afternoon. They created quizzes, wrote prayers and reported on various events happening around the school. As well as being buddies to the Year 3 girls, they were excellent role models displaying their Blue Coat Values at all times, setting a brilliant example.
Thank you and well done to: Elena, Harleena, Poppy, Lara, Imogen B, Rebecca, Matilda and Marissa.

Mrs Walker

A huge thank you to the St. Philip’s Michaelmas House officers: Toby, Henry, Konark, Ollie, Noah, Toby, Hriday and Dan, you have been a brilliant team and master quiz makers! You have kept the House spirit and energy going, both before and during Lockdown. I am so grateful to all of you for helping to lead the House through challenging times and you should be proud of the role that you have played. Although it is sad to pass your job to someone else, your words of wisdom and support will always be greatly appreciated by all.

Mrs Stockton

A huge St George’s thank you to all of our outgoing House Officers – Harry, Yasin, Jai, Harris, Joel, Alexandros, Tony and Kush. Given the limited possibilities to make their mark, our Michaelmas House Officers, have found some ingenious ways to get their messages across. We have had a plethora of quizzes posted in our House Google Classroom. These have ranged from General Knowledge, Music, Sport and even the odd ‘Where’s Digby?’. (Only the most astute amongst the boys were able to keep tabs on where our illustrious House Mascot had been on his travels the previous week).

Since lockdown, the House Officers have kept us entertained during our House Assemblies with motivational speeches, suggestions for how to keep active and lots of general messages to promote positive thinking and mindfulness. Probably the most common message of all has been…how to mute yourself on a Google Meet!

Well done boys, and thank you for leading us over the last few months.

Mr Hill

Congratulations to our new Lent Term House Officers. Although we are not yet due to be back in school, the children will still be busy assisting the House Heads with online assemblies each week.