This week Year 6 pupils have enjoyed receiving letters from their Year 3 buddies.  From the comments below we can see just how special it is to have kept this relationship going through lockdown. We hope we can reunite our two year groups in person, in the not too distant future.

“It was amazing to hear from my buddy even though we could not meet in person and it’s been really interesting to get to know each other through letters, which aren’t so commonly used nowadays.” Connie

“I am glad to be able to stay in touch with my buddy during Distance Learning. Getting through lockdown must be very hard but writing to your buddy is just a delight. I was very glad to hear from my Year 3 buddy Karam. She sounded very happy and was eager to hear a reply from me… and so what she wanted came true! ” Khadija

“It was great to see how our buddies were! They packed a lot in their letters and I’m sure they took a long, long time to write. Thank you Year 3! :-)” Aiza

‘It was an absolute joy reading the buddies letter, even in lockdown! It also felt so much more personal because it was beautifully handwritten!'” Kenza

“It was really nice to hear from my wonderful buddy.” Toby S

“I was really excited when I saw the letters and I feel that it is great that we can keep in touch with them through letters.” Neil

“I really enjoyed getting my buddy letter, it made my day! It was so sweet that we can still talk to each other even if we can’t actually meet in person. I loved it! ♡” Poppy

“I loved getting my buddy letter he has much better handwriting than me!” Nathan

“I was very excited when I got my buddy letter because I do not know them very much and it is a chance to know them a bit more.” Gurtej

“I’m really happy that I got my buddy letter and I’m glad to find out that he is coping well with lockdown.” Yasin

“I loved writing letters to my buddies, it is so important to stay happy.” Sam H