Stoical and steadfast, we continue our monochrome Covid-governed existences. And, as we squint to see the light appearing at the end of the metaphorical tunnel, we long for a dash of colour and contrast. You have only to look at the House of Commons, and compare the hairstyles of Boris Johnson and Dominic Grieve to appreciate that variety is the spice of life. In a week when the Prime Minister signalled the return to School on the 8th March, BCS went into overdrive, determined to ensure that we continue to keep the community COVID secure. And our children, at least, have clearly been enjoying a wealth and breadth of activity. Before going into more detail on their activities, I must reiterate how important it is that you familiarise yourself with the content of our full ‘reopening’ document, which should be in your possession now.

And on a further point of ‘business’, as I thank Year 5 parents for positive comments on their children’s consultation evenings, I give notice that Zoom parent meetings will continue for all year groups over the course of this term and the next.

Back to the richness and breadth of our children’s activities. Adapted methodology in school has provided some unexpected opportunities – and in extraordinary times there have been some extraordinary outcomes. Outstanding among the younger element was an animation film created in Year Three by a seven-year-old based on the story of Romulus and Remus. Steven Spielberg, eat your heart out!

Amazed by that, I was astonished by the knowledge of Pythagoras Theorem shown by our Year 6. As a child, without properly understanding the principle, I remember repeating to myself : how ‘the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides’. Here, the theorem was not just a mantra: the girls and boys had made sense of it all.

In Pre-Prep, Year 2 have been studying Lighthouses. Predicting what they think might happen in the story of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Catastrophe, the children asked questions of the main characters to get to know them better. They have also written a character description about the poor lighthouse keeper, Mr Grinling.

I guess Boris must have felt a bit like Mr Grinling during the past 12 months: alone in a storm, trying to steer us away from the rocks in the dark, with the tide constantly coming in…..

Here at BCS, in Creative Arts, this lighthouse theme has continued, and some graphic collage pictures have been produced. First, a background was created. A lighthouse was superimposed; then, boats and houses included to add extra depth and detail.

Meanwhile, in Reception, some excellent, in-depth work has been done on life cycles. Having looked at the life cycle of a butterfly, the children listened to the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle, made paperchain caterpillars and painted symmetrical butterflies in their own choice of colours.

They discussed the different butterfly parts and were encouraged to find out caterpillar facts. Did readers know that they (the caterpillars, that is,) have 12 eyes and officially only six legs (the other legs are known as ‘pro’ and are fake!) If you need any more information, I am happy to redirect your queries…

In Week Seven of distance learning, the children are achieving happily, and giving full rein to their imaginations. That they can do so is down to the magnificent, positive attitude of the BCS staff. Well done, one and all.

In response to popular demand, another home cooking session with Mr Moss will take place next Tuesday evening. Guest Chef is to be Mr Melia, our Head of Boys’ sport. I’m sure this will be a super way to finish off the cooking series.

I must remind you that next week  is World Book Day. We are asking children to dress up as a character from their favourite book. Even though the children are not at School there are many opportunities on how they can interact with each other on the day. Lessons will be tailored so that  reading takes centre stage and reinforces  the children’s love of books.

 Before I sign off, I must say a hearty Happy Birthday to our talented, energetic  Head of Prep as he celebrates a milestone birthday. No; he’s not 30. Nor is he 50. Have a super day, Mr Newman!

Mr Noel Neeson | Headmaster