Very well done to the Prep pupils who have worked so hard this week –


Umar Ayub – For his can do attitude to all his online learning as well as working independently when given time to complete task.

Elle Browne – For her cheerful and friendly manners to all as well as her super comprehension in English.

Malika-Zahra Hiridjee-Hassam – For working hard to attempt a task independently and choosing when to ask well thought through questions.

Raees Rahman – For his effort with his English and some great writing based around the traditional tale of Cinderella.

Ale Maio – For great enthusiasm during our final week of Distance Learning. Ale was really engaged during our Science lessons and had lots of interesting facts to share with us. Well done!

Jessica Zhang – For great positivity during lessons. Jessica is always smiling and engaging in lessons enthusiastically. She particularly enjoyed our Science experiment! Well done Jessica!

Eleanor Wongso – For working hard on her independent work and cheerfully persevering. Eleanor has completed all her work to an excellent standard as well as thinking carefully about her feedback.

Anika Moholkar – For a fantastic attitude to Distance Learning. Anika has been focussed and engaged in all our lessons since the beginning. She contributed lots during lessons and works incredibly hard. Well done!

Anushka Aulak – Brilliant maths work and perseverance

Lucas Gurney – A great set of rules in RE

Zayan Hussain – For working hard to ensure his work is maintaining the standard he shows in school, especially in English.

Amadora Ramos-Liu – A super set of rules in RE

Charissa Lam – Reading aloud with fluency and expression and answering more questions – well done Charissa!

Jaiya Suthi – For communicating with lots of confidence and asking insightful questions.

Arjun Najran – For asking me how I am every morning during form time and showing politeness at all times. Lovely to see the BCS values being shown in a home learning environment.


Tabitha Shaw – For wonderful creative ideas during English this week and a positive attitude to her work.

Madalen Cotterill – For always being enthusiastic in lessons and fantastic work in humanities.

Will Almond – for excellent BCS values in being so polite, as well as a super story written over half term!

Seb Raine – for fantastic money work in Maths.

Toby Agadagba – for being so polite and always trying his best

Thomas McGing – for working very hard in English

William Nicolson – super enthusiasm in all lessons – R.E. and Science in particular.

Ismaeel Alam – participating brilliantly in every lesson and trying his hardest in everything he does.

Aaria Ratti – For always trying her best and an excellent piece of comprehension this week.

Jai Bajwa – For excellent concentration and work in Maths.