In Humanities this week, Year 1 have been learning all about the geographical properties of islands. They successfully sorted pictures based on whether they could see a body of land surrounded by water or not. Then, the children learnt all about where islands come from and what some of the different types of island are. Watching videos of some erupting volcanic islands was especially exciting and breath-taking! On the other hand, coral islands are usually peaceful and calm; they are made out of beautiful coral reefs and have many sea creatures living within this important ecosystem. Many of the Year 1 children were surprised when they found out about tidal islands. These islands are surrounded by water at high tide but at low tide they become surrounded by land, for example St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall!

This half-term’s topic is based on the Katie Morag books which are set in Scotland. We can’t wait to continue learning more about this amazing country and its islands as part of our enrichment day!

Miss Warmington