Well done to the Prep children who have worked so hard this week –

YEAR 3 (week 8)

Annabel Miller – For always producing an impeccable calibre of work and is a very resourceful learner. She tries helping herself using what is around her before asking me.
Audrey Yang – For contributing to online lessons and showing her perseverance in all areas of work.
Ihra Kharkanis – For an exemplary attitude throughout distance learning. Ihra showed great enthusiasm and focus in every one of her lessons. She should be incredibly proud of all her work. Well done Ihra!
Mia Zeng – For her cheerful enthusiasm working online and for always persevering when problem solving,”

YEAR 4 (week 7 and week 8)
Kingsley Chen – for always being so polite, and for having a super attitude to his work.
Mani Kaur – for working so hard in Maths lessons.
Munashe Jindu – a fantastic attitude throughout Distance Learning
Serena Wadhwa – for working exceptionally hard in all subjects throughout lockdown and for producing some superb work.
Anoushka Puri – For working so hard and producing some excellent creative work.
Noah Olatayo-Moses – For an excellent attitude during lessons and really focusing on his English work.
Lara Sethi – For settling in seamlessly to a new Maths group this term and for always being so happy and polite.
Zail Bhatti – For being incredibly enthusiastic about absolutely everything!
Sabreena Townsend – she is always so cheerful and positive in English and shows great effort and commitment to her learning.
Rubie Johal – she works consistently hard, is always listening really carefully and contributes so well to class teaching.
Tabitha Shaw – For wonderful creative ideas during English this week and a positive attitude to her work.
Madalen Cotterill – For always being enthusiastic in lessons and fantastic work in humanities.
Will Almond – for excellent BCS values in being so polite, as well as a super story written over half term!
Seb Raine – for fantastic money work in Maths.
Toby Agadagba – for being so polite and always trying his best.
Thomas McGing – for working very hard in English.
William Nicolson – super enthusiasm in all lessons – R.E. and Science in particular.
Ismaeel Alam – participating brilliantly in every lesson and trying his hardest in everything he does.
Aaria Ratti – For always trying her best and an excellent piece of comprehension this week.
Jai Bajwa – For excellent concentration and work in Maths.

YEAR 5 (week 7 and week 8)
Greg Hackett
Nandini Kumar
Joshua Li
Milo Todd
Kanav Basu
Chloe Tian
Moritz Bongs
Dev Wangi
Vuyi G
Mira A
Greg Hackett
Nandini Kumar
Joshua Li
Milo Todd
Kanav Basu

YEAR 6 (week 8)
Khadija Kamran – for her great attitude and enthusiasm to learning. Always contributing to our class discussions.
Emily Smallwood – for outstanding positivity, enthusiasm and participation within all lessons!
Anuva Doger – for having such a positive attitude towards her work coupled with impeccable manners.
Neil Nair – for participating so actively in Distance Learning and contributing confidently in all his lessons.
Josh Wood – for persevering with his learning and producing a wonderful letter to his buddy.