On Tuesday night our ‘King of Morning Madness’, Mr Melia, could be found doing bicep curls and arm raises with a rolling pin. Why, you ask? Well he was the latest guest in our BCS Cook-Along of course! Yes, this week’s answer to Saturday Kitchen was none other than Messrs Melia and Moss. And the recipe for the day was Scones. As Mr Newman duly pointed out these should be correctly pronounced ‘scon’ as in ‘gone’ rather than ‘scone’ as in ‘cone’. Well if Mary Berry concurs, who are we to argue?

As our chefs rubbed butter into flour and brought it together with milk to form a dough, we learnt a few more things about Mr Melia including the time when he travelled half way up the country to compete in a volleyball game only to discover on arrival that he had left his trainers at home! Children, he learned his lesson and had to sit on the side and watch but he always makes sure to check twice now before he sets out.

Whilst Mr Melia had a choice of sweet toppings such as raisins, chocolate and a cinnamon mix, Mr Moss created some savoury scones using olives, sundried tomatoes and chives. With a bit of BCS magic they went into the oven and came out just a few minutes later. With a Blue Peter flourish, “Here’s some we made earlier!” pronounced Mr Moss. The next big decision was whether to put cream or jam on first, who knew cooking could be so controversial?

From the photos we have received the children’s bakes look to have been a great success. Thank you again to Mr Moss for welcoming us to the Blue Coat kitchen and to all our special guests across the term – Mr Neeson, Chaplain and Mr Melia.

Mrs Dredger