The Music Festival is always a highlight of the Blue Coat calendar and this year’s Festival has been no exception. Despite the challenges of the National Lockdown, our young musicians have risen to the occasion and produced music of a very high calibre indeed.

Although we were unable to run the Festival in its entirety, both Mrs Creaton and I have been delighted by the incredibly high standards of performance we have seen and heard; selecting the class winners was extremely challenging but a very enjoyable experience. Sadly, we will not be selecting one overall BCS Young Musician of the Year.

This year’s winners are all worthy, but so too those pupils who have been awarded Highly Commended certificates. Moreover, the number of children who chose to take part this year was as high as any other. The Festival celebrates and encourages all children in their endeavour to master their chosen instrument whether they are just beginning or are making great strides in their journey.

Thanks to all our Visiting Music Teachers who have prepared the performers to such high standards. We look forward to sharing recordings of our Class Finalists next week.

The Class Winners and Highly-Commended are listed herewith:

Jayden Liang Year 3 Piano Highly Commended
Brandon Lim Year 3 Piano Highly Commended
Jessica Hui Ting Zhang Year 3 Piano Highly Commended
Audrey Yang Year 3 Piano Winner
Anika Moholkar Year 3 Strings Violin Highly Commended
Esther Sun Year 3 Strings Violin Winner
Eleanor Wongso Year 3 Strings Violin Highly Commended
Oli Cowley Year 3 Woodwind Clarinet Highly Commended
Elle Browne Year 3 Woodwind Flute Winner
Otis Hodge Year 4 Brass Trumpet Winner
Samuel Noble Year 4 Drums Winner
Sami Babwah Year 4 Piano Highly Commended
Kingsley Chen Year 4 Piano Highly Commended
Jolin Hu Year 4 Piano Winner
Toby Agadagba Year 4 Strings Guitar Highly Commended
Yang He Year 4 Strings Violin Highly Commended
Tarini Vemuri Year 4 Strings Harp Highly Commended
Madalen Cotterill Year 4 Strings Cello Winner
Mia Sargeant Year 4 Woodwind Clarinet Highly Commended
Lydia Braham Year 4 Woodwind Flute Winner
Tom Cowley Year 5 Brass French Horn Highly Commended
Greg Hackett Year 5 Brass French Horn Highly Commended
Jacob Romano Year 5 Brass Trombone Highly Commended
Susie Tomlinson Year 5 Brass Trumpet Highly Commended
Moritz Bongs Year 5 Brass Trombone Winner
Zayn Ahmed Year 5 Drum Kit Winner
Elaine Nguyen Year 5 Piano Highly Commended
Esmee Raghavan Year 5 Piano Highly Commended
Kevin Ge Year 5 Piano Winner
Silas Goel Saha Year 5 Strings Violin Highly Commended
Pranav Uday Year 5 Strings Guitar Highly Commended
Li Wan Year 5 Strings Violin Winner
Nandini Kumar Year 5 Voice Highly Commended
Mira Amlani Year 5 Voice Winner
Pranav Rebbapragada Year 5 Woodwind Flute Highly Commended
Isabella Gabriel Year 5 Woodwind Bassoon Winner
Noah Jones Year 6 Drum Kit Winner
Yandy Chen Year 6 Piano Highly Commended
Rebecca Sun Year 6 Piano Highly Commended
Daniel Du Year 6 Piano Winner
Alexandros Constantinou Year 6 Strings Guitar Highly Commended
Lara Willcox Year 6 Strings Cello Highly Commended
Jai Lewis Year 6 Strings Violin Winner
Anya Stewart Year 6 Voice Highly Commended
Sarika Hulait Year 6 Voice Winner
Poppy Griffin Year 6 Woodwind Flute Highly Commended
Toby Mantle Year 6 Woodwind Saxophone Highly Commended
Connie Zhang Year 6 Woodwind Flute Winner