Well what a week it has been back in school for Year 3. As well as the excitement of seeing all our friends again it has been an action packed week. British science week has been enjoyed by all and Year 3 came up with really imaginative and innovative designs for bridges and rockets, really fitting with the theme of “Building the Future.” As well as this Year 3 were thrilled to receive a letter from their Y6 buddies. These were eagerly anticipated and delivered personally by Mr Neeson. Year 3 are already starting to work out what they will send back to their buddy next. Finally in humanities the children got to learn about Roman architecture and built their own buildings complete with columns and pediments as well as learning some latin to accompany this topic. A great time was had by all and we can’t wait for next week!

Mr Wood

We’ve had a great first few days back in Year 4. We’ve had a week of practical maths and have been measuring items and people in the classroom and the court outside, weighing pineapples, potatoes and limes and exploring capacity!
It’s been Science Week and the children were tasked with building a boat to hold marbles – great fun! In English, we’ve been writing our own ‘sugar-coated pearls of wisdom’ in the form of fables, and have written poetry about endangered animals, using Judith Nicholls’ ‘Wolf’ as a stimulus. It was super to be back in Chapel both for our service with Chaplain, and for our Year Group Assembly.
We are really excited about our WOW Day next week as well.

Mrs James

We were delighted to be able to welcome the Year 5 children back to school this week. From the moment their beaming smiles entered the House on Monday morning, to the time they left school on Friday afternoon, they have been a credit to themselves and to the school. They’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting back into the swing of things and have worked incredibly hard all week. The children have been looking at volume and conversions in their Maths lessons and have even written a persuasive letter to Birmingham City Council. The children are looking forward to taking part in Enrichment Day next week, where we will be looking at all of the different features of a river.
Well done for a great first week back Year 5!

Mr Hulbert

It has been wonderful to welcome our Year 6 pupils back to school to enjoy their final term and a half at Blue Coat with their friends and teachers.

In their English lessons, the Year 6 children have thoroughly enjoyed continuing with their London project, creating powerful persuasive descriptions in the form of tourist guides. Within Humanities, our focus has been on the chronology of the events of The Great War and identifying how this impacted on the lives of soldiers and families left behind. Please enjoy exploring the timelines that the children created this week in their lessons.

Some of our Year 6 children have shared their highlights of this week:
“It’s been great to be back with my friends in school and enjoy their company!” Anya S
“I’ve loved being back in the swing of things. Playing football in Games has been my highlight!” Toby S
“Being active after 8 weeks of being at home has been really positive! I’ve loved Netball this week.” Harleena
“Being back in real-life lessons with my teachers has been my highlight as I don’t have to pin and unpin the screen anymore!” Kiran

Miss Stanford