On Tuesday, the children across Year 5 took part in a fact finding mission to learn all about the journey of a river. During the morning, the children were drip-fed information about the upper course of a river; learning how waterfalls are formed, what groundwater is and how a source is created. The children then cascaded into looking at the middle course, learning how meanders and oxbow lakes are created. There were some excellent interpretive movements to show how the water moves around a meander too!

In the afternoon, the children deposited their newfound knowledge of the lower course, by describing and seeing examples of deltas and estuaries. With the creative ideas flowing, the children then used all of this new information to create a 3D model of the river’s journey from source to mouth. Using a variety of materials, the children channelled their inner artists to produce some excellent models, incorporating all of the information they had learnt throughout the day.

A special mention has to go to all of the children who created a model while working from home. There were virtual models made on Minecraft, detailed diagrams and even a model or two made of Lego.

We could only attribute (…tary) the success of the day to the hard working attitude of all of the Year 5 children.  Well done! A thoroughly enjoyable day!

Mr Hulbert