Very well done to Myle in Year 3 who has been chosen to be a 7-9 years old STEM Ambassador for the organisation. This organisation promotes the interest in Space Exploration and STEM related subjects among children.

Myle sent in a brilliant application for his award. Here are some of the answers to his application questions –

Why would you like to be a Young Ambassador?

My name is Myle and I am 8 years old. I am really passionate about STEM. I would love to be a Ambassador for the following reasons:
1) I am passionate about and have a deep understanding of science, technology, engineering and maths.
2) I would love the opportunity to meet other people who would broaden my existing knowledge.
3) I Would love to impart my love of stem to other children and to help to increase their understanding in these subjects.

What fired your interest in STEM?

There was no “Eureka” moment of interest in STEM subjects in my life as I have been interested in everything around me since I was a toddler. Many subjects cause me to want to understand them more deeply. When I was 2 years old I became interested in trains. I learnt about pistons and axles and about how steam trains worked and I spent many hours in Think Tank museum and on Severn Valley Steam trains. I was homeschooled from Reception to end of Year 2 so it helped a lot to direct my energies to my passions. When I was four I became enthusiastic about dinosaurs and I browsed through encyclopaedias full of knowledge of dinosaurs and the eras in which they lived. Later I became interested in the infinite wonders of space, the universe and time. I became
interested in scientists and their theories for example the Theory of gravity and the Theory of relativity. I attended public lectures about space at University of Birmingham and was taken to see their large space telescope. I also attended the local astronomy club observing the skies through telescopes. Last year, just before Covid lockdowns, I had the great opportunity to visit CERN in Geneva and saw the old hadron collider as well as learning about the large Hadron collider which was underground the whole area.
These days I am still learning more about space and take huge interest in the latest space exploration such as the American rover, Perseverance landing on Mars as well as the Arab rocket, Hope which went into orbit around Mars. My dad has a telescope which I use and he recently introduced me to a special application called Space Engine which allows you to explore the observable universe. My interest also is in earthly subjects as I love to be in the forest and am deeply disturbed about climate change. I have attended protests in Birmingham and London against Climate Change a subject which I am passionate about. I am learning to code in C++ and have done a bit of python. My uncle works for Campaign to Stop Killer Robots and this has made me more interested in coding to be able to stop misuse of Artificial Intelligence in the future.

Why do you love and feel passionate about STEM?

I am passionate about STEM for the following reasons:
1)There is an infinite amount to learn about and understand on this universe as knowledge is never ending.
2) There is so much to invent for making life better for humans and animals.
3) There is so much needed to stop destruction of our planet and universe which humans are causing.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I made a website last January 2020 to include my research on space. I haven’t developed it since last year with all the worries Covid caused but I will be doing so in the future. On this website I have included a few pictures and videos of the science experience in my life and my anti climate change protests. Please take a look:

I have also made a short introductory video of myself on Youtube:

The Award Ceremony: