Dear Blue Coat Families,

Global Recycling Day was yesterday on Thursday 18 March. This day was created to encourage us all to take action and to point out to the world leaders how much of a global problem recycling actually is. We must act now to protect our future; even though Global Recycling Day is only for one day, it is essential we all recycle everyday!

So, why is Global Recycling day so important to the BCS Year 5 Eco-Committee? We thoroughly care about our environment and that is why we need you to help us. We all need to work together. We all need to live in this environment. We all need to play our part. So, let’s all think about making recycling a compulsory, natural daily habit for us all. The world needs to change what happens to our plastic, paper and other recyclable products and find what we can all do, as a team, to help save our environment and our animals. Recycling glass will save sand. Yes – very soon, some types of sand are going to run out – one of our planet’s natural resources. Every year, approximately 10% percent of all rubbish worldwide is recycled. Can you believe it? Only 10%! Compared to the other European countries, the UK is far, far behind with our recycling rates. Did you know that by just recycling 1 glass bottle or a jar, you are saving enough energy to power a 100- watt light bulb for 4 hours? If we recycle more, we can stop wasting energy that can be saved. So, the next time you finish some yoghurt, or empty a pack of food in your house, please check the packet for one of the following:When you do see one of these, it can definitely be recycled.

Our rubbish pile is now turning from a small heap-a-week to an immense mountain by the day. We need to do a lot better than that and re-use as much as possible instead of throwing things away to be burnt and then recreated again. One final thought for you: we are ten-year olds. We desperately need your help to save this vanishing world, so we can enjoy it for many, many years to come, just like yours and the previous generations have had the opportunity to. We are urging you to help before it is too late! Please take on board our request and start to do your bit now while there is still time, and our chances are not lost.

Yours Sincerely,

The Year 5 Blue Coat School Eco-Committee