Well done to our Prep Stars this week. We are very proud of you!


Freddie Wood – For always being able to answer questions articulately and accurately which proves everyday how engaged and focused he is in all of his lessons. A super attitude to learning Fred – well done!
Amadora Romas Liu – for settling back into school life and working hard, asking sensible questions and being proactive.
Sam Mantle – For his effort and enthusiasm in science this week.
Kyra Sandhu – for always using impeccable manners around school, well done!


Aaryan Sharma Patel – for working so hard.
Jasmin Khazaei – A wonderful fable, and for working so independently since being back at school.
Sammy Noble – for wonderful participation in lessons.
Daven Rawal – For showing enthusiasm and perseverance in lessons, and some excellent map skills


Zara Salim
Hari Irvine
Jia Yi Wu
Riah Bailey
Jodh Singh


Sam Hodges – for his effort and enthusiasm when participating in class discussions.
Keya Sharma – for her fantastic attitude to all aspects of school life and for her very mature contributions to class discussions.
Harris Rahman – for working well collaboratively in Humanities and contributed to some excellent pieces of display work.
Govind Dhillon – for returning to school with a positive attitude and hard work.

Well done also to our Golden Table diners.

Ines Kachloul
Charissa Lam
Yang He
Ahryan Paul
Tarini Vemuri
Harry Stockton
Jack Robinson
Roy Wu
Connie Zhang
Elisavet Matapoulou