Year 3 arrived at school looking magnificent in their Roman outfits with everything from slaves to senators, soldiers to generals. Throughout the day the children got to create four things from the Roman era. With Mr Martin everyone got to create a Roman mosaic looking at examples that have been preserved from across the Roman Empire. Mrs Walker was in charge of equipping the Roman legions with suitable shield to defend themselves in battle against the Celts. These would come in handy at the end of the day. The children also got to make a Roman wreath to wear in  more peaceful times guided by Miss Anning. The final craft activity saw Year 3 learning about the Roman Gods and Goddesses and using this knowledge to create their own Roman Gods top trumps game to take home. The day was rounded off with all of year 3 experiencing how the Roman legions conquered all before them in battle. Each class in turn got to play the part of the Celts and the Romans, seeing how the Romans superior tactics and organisation delivered them victory. The day really brought all our learning to life and left all with some great memories. Well done Year 3.

Mr Wood