Well done to ours Stars and Golden Table diners this week –


Liam Liu – For a fantastic attitude to all his learning this week including a well written science investigation.
Finn Burrell for hard work, determination & perseverance and always showing the BCS values. Well done Finn.
Tejvir Kaur Rai for fantastic focus and determination with learning since returning to school. Tejvir has been a particularly active participant during lesson discussions. Well done!
Lexi Higgs, for engaging brilliantly in all lessons and striving to do her best work at all times. Lexi is incredibly bright and often shares the extent of her knowledge with the rest of the class – particularly in science and humanities.


Tabitha Shaw – for working hard in English, and being very helpful and keen.
Daniel Tyler – for really trying hard to improve his English work this week
Otis Hodge – for showing cheerful perseverance in every subject and for some super Science work making circuits L
Ari Rupal – amazing effort with his handwriting and presentation, keep it up!


Evangeline Ernest
Jamie Meyer
Keya Sharma
Anusha Singh for all her hard work, perseverance and for always showing the BCS Values.
Syed Ashal Ahmed


Seb Stendall – for always showing commitment to his learning by seeking to find out more.
Daniel Du – for working tremendously hard in all maths lessons and for his much improved mathematical reasoning.
Yasin Elashry – for contributing with enthusiasm and a positive attitude to all subjects.
Maya McCracken – for working very hard in her Humanities, PSHE and RE lessons – putting great effort into the completion of her work.

Dhruv Karkhanis – For his polite attitude at all times and being a model of the Bluecoat values when sharing with others.
Syan Le – for working to the best of his ability in every lesson and continually role modelling the BCS values.
Thomas Hodges – For working hard in lessons and being so helpful and enthusiastic.
Ritika Harsh – For being so polite and always showing the BCS values.