The time to finally get outside and use the lush green grass of the front fields finally arrived and boy did we enjoy it! It was clear to see, with so many smiles on the faces that we all enjoyed, once again, chasing a small leather ball around the pitches with our friends! The boys have adapted so quickly and effortlessly to the physical exercise, and have all shown tremendous progress in the short 3 weeks we have been back. From dribbling to shooting, passing and game play, all the boys have explored all aspects of the game and have been well prepared for this term’s house matches.


For some, this was their first ever Football game, regardless, all of Yr 3 took to the pitches donning their House colours like seasoned professionals. The focus of the matches was to remain in control of the ball, whether individually or as a team and not let the ball control the game. As a result, we witnessed some superb individual talent across all 3 pitches with plenty of action to keep the referees gasping for breath! What was more impressive than the score line was the pupils attitude, sportsmanship and teamwork with all matches played with the correct spirit and demonstrating those all important BCS Values.

St George’s Hammers 3 – 5 St Philip’s Hammers
St George’s Devils 3 – 0 St Philip’s Devils
St George’s Foxes 1 – 3 St Philip’s Foxes


The Year 4 boys have focussed on improving their own individual skill of controlling the ball, dribbling and passing. In addition to this, we have been introducing the use of positional play and creating space. The house match was a true representation of how adaptable and progressive the boys have been this term. The three pitches also showed how even the two houses are across the year, with all teams demonstrating superb individual and team skills.

St George’s Hammers 4 – 6 St Philip’s Hammers
St George’s Devils 6 – 3 St Philip’s Devils
St George’s Foxes 6 – 6 St Philip’s Foxes


Thankfully, we were happy to have all Year 5 pupils back on the pitch ready to represent their houses. The front field was filled with 4 fast paced and dynamic games all filled with action. The focus on the year group was about working as a team to create chances rather than individual skill. Despite back and forth attacks from all teams St Philip’s were the overall winners, winning on 3 pitches and drawing on one.

St George’s Hammers 2 – 2 St Philip’s Hammers
St George’s Devils 2 – 7 St Philip’s Devils
St George’s Foxes 3 – 10 St Philip’s Foxes
St George’s Sky Blues 0 – 6 St Philips Sky Blues


For our Year 6 pupils, this was their last Football House match whilst at BCS. They certainly gave it their all, with all pupils not leaving anything left on the pitch. I think it was the quietest match tea I have seen in a long time as pupils recouped and caught their breath. Every pupil should be proud of themselves for the progress they have made whilst at BCS and the result were 3 very close and enjoyable games.

St George’s Hammers 6 – 3 St Philip’s Hammers
St George’s Devils 2 – 2 St Philip’s Devils
St George’s Foxes 2 – 2 St Philip’s Foxes

Once again, a huge well done for the progress made within Football this term and we look forward to the Cricket season in the Trinity term.

Mr Melia