Very well done to our Prep Stars this week!


3HW – Aatika Chaudhry for persevering and trying her hardest up until the last day of term. Well done Aatika.
3JW – Enaya Aftab for her mature attitude in lessons and always giving 100%, in particular in English reposing to the spider poems we read.
3SA – Mia Mudie for her wonderful writing from a spiders perspective. Fantastic characterisation skills used!
3EG – Jayden Liu – for his infectious enthusiasm for learning and for working extremely hard in all subjects.


4EB – Unayzah Khan – for excellent enthusiasm and participation in RE when learning about Islam.
4ES – Shaan Samra – For being so polite, helpful and hardworking, especially in English.
4LW- Sammy Noble – fabulous acting and enthusiasm in English
4ET – Mia Sargeant for working hard on her handwriting.
4LJ – Lucy Carberry for always cheerfully trying hard.


5BH – Faiz Ahmed – For a fantastic start to the Trinity Term. Well done!
5SW – Riyadh Rahman – For a positive start to the Trinity Term after the Easter break.
5AG – Laila Suleman – For growing confidence in contributing to discussions and always displaying great BCS Values.
5JM – Harry Fraser – For his excellent participation in class and his positive and enthusiastic approach to all his learning.
5VF – Emma He – For fantastic contributions to class discussions, always supporting her peers and just generally being a model BCS pupil.