Did you know that the Royal Mail is launching an exciting new art competition which is open to all schools? The competition is all about designing stamps that celebrate the ‘heroes ‘ of the COVID pandemic, real people who have kept the country going like NHS staff, care workers, delivery drivers, supermarket workers, vaccine scientists social workers and many more. There will be 8 overall winners, 16 regional winners and 96 runners up nationally. There are prizes too ranging from £1000 to £100 and the school wins prizes too! The competition is open to both prep and pre-prep children, they simply have to design their stamp on A4 paper and hand it in to Mr Hegenbarth or Mrs Straw by 19th May. The children have been learning about this in their creative arts lessons. Let’s hope that we have lots of amazing entries, good luck everyone and let’s get creative!

Mr Hegenbarth