We are back! Myself, the PE department and all of the children have been thrilled to have been able to get back into the pool this term. We have had no tears or fears, lots of splashing and some fantastic swimming from Reception right through to Year 6!

Every single child has elicited their BCS values in lessons by cheerfully persevering despite the prolonged period away from poolside. Over the past fortnight we have seen; Reception working on their front paddle, Year 1 and 2 in the deep end working on Front Crawl breathing, Years 3-6 have been integrating racing starts and tumble turn practice in lessons whilst trying to build their stamina back up in the pool during length based activities. We have also been ecstatic to have been able to start our swimming performance groups and the squads have been fine tuning their strokes during some challenging sets so far! We are already proud of what all of our swimmers have achieved and we look forward to seeing more progress across the Trinity Term!

Miss Mockler | Head of Swimming