This week Nursery have taken a ‘Walk on the Wild Side’, learning about the animals found in the jungle. Reading the well-loved story ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ to start our week, we spoke about our favourite jungle animals and imagined how each of them might move around. 

We have enjoyed singing along to the nursery rhyme ‘Walking in the Jungle’ and even experienced being jungle explorers ourselves, searching for jungle animals around our classrooms and playground.

As part of expressive arts and design, Nursery have explored the patterns found in nature. Inspired by the story ‘The Tiger that came to Tea’, we explored the striking stripes of tiger print by creating collages. We then looked at different animal prints, talking about their unique colours and patterns and matching them to the colourful animals they belong to. Through painting we explored colour and mark making to recreate the animal print of our favourite jungle animal, with beautiful results! 

Miss Al-Dujaili