This week in Chapel we’ve been wowed by some fantastic performances in the Year group class assemblies! Children from 3HW, 4ES, 5AG and 6JR explored Jesus’s words ‘Blessed are the Meek’, as we continue to work through The Beatitudes – this term’s Chapel theme.

We learnt that being ‘meek’ or humble, will ultimately build a happy school community. A few ‘chic, sleek and ‘not-so-weak’ characters dramatically appeared down the aisle in Chapel, as well as ‘those at the peak’ of their careers! But despite outward appearances, and a fair bit of boasting, we were challenged to think about true happiness, which comes from being content with who we are, and serving one another. We were encouraged to think about how we can show humility to those at school and home, and practise celebrating one another’s achievements. A great and challenging message! Well done to all the classes and teachers who have worked so hard to bring these assemblies together, and a special thank you to Miss Levett and Miss Akehurst for their support in Chapel this week.

Mrs Drake