This week, we have learnt about the parable of Jesus and the lost coin. In the story, there was a woman who had 10 silver coins which were very special to her. She used to count them to check that they were safe, but one day, she only had 9! Lighting a lamp, the woman frantically searched her house looking for the one lost coin. Finally, she found it underneath her bed. She was so excited that she invited her friends and neighbours over to celebrate finding her one lost coin. While they were celebrating, one of the friends asked why this one coin was so important when she had 9 other coins. The woman explained that this coin was so important because she had worked so hard to find it.

Jesus used this story to explain that people can be lost, too. When someone loses their faith, Jesus and God work hard to help them – just like the woman in the story! Jesus said, “When a lost soul turns to God, there is a party in heaven.” We related this to our school values of respecting and showing kindness to everyone.

Well done 1M for working so hard to memorise your lines and speak them so clearly. You should all be very proud of yourselves!

Miss Warmington