Lunching at The Golden Table and moving purposefully around the site, so many children have told me how delighted they are to be back in the classroom. This is not only, I dare say, because the girls and boys enjoy their teachers so much. It is also, I have no doubt, because learning together with friends is so much more fun than learning on one’s own.

The same is surely true of physical training and conditioning. I know that loads of people have been raising a sweat with the dumbbells during lockdown – in the privacy of their spare rooms. But they are now grasping the first opportunity to join like-minded souls – at their local gyms. It is a well documented fact that, as with its mental well-being, the nation’s physical health has been damaged by enforced seclusion during the past year and more.

Now that sports centres and the like have opened up, we have the opportunity to get ourselves back into better condition. And, predictably enough, the children of Blue Coat School have grabbed the chance with both feet.

This week they, and their parents, got right behind our ‘Walk To School’ week. For some, this was not possible, of course. But it was great to see so many families ditch their cars – or park them a fair distance away – and do their bit for our planet. Many thanks to the Heads of School who ran this event, handing out stickers daily. Overall, it was a triumph.

While on the subject of physical fitness, I must commend Year 3 and 6 for taking part in the Thursday Mile, an event organised by the sports team. This is a simple and effective way to improve your running and your health. A super effort by the children who took part.

This week, dodging the showers, Year 3 enjoyed their cricket house matches. It was super to see our young girls and boys taking part in these sporting events with such vigour. Cricket was certainly the winner and a fun time was had by all.

Year 1 has managed to get their share of fresh air, too. Reading the story Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis, they used interesting vocabulary to write a setting description. They also created their own woodland creatures out of clay, and wrote a set of instructions about how they had made them. Outside the classroom, they went for a walk around the grounds identifying trees by investigating a range of leaves. It is wonderful to see children learning in such a creative manner. 

I must also mention the visit of The Animal Man to the Reception classes on Thursday. Looking at the pictures on Twitter, the children certainly enjoyed the experience, especially handling snakes. They are much braver than me!

As we approach the final week of half term we are looking forward to Year 6 leading our Founders Day in Chapel. The service will be live-streamed to the rest of the school community, including parents to ensure that everybody feels part of this important celebration in the life of BCS. Well done to Year 6 for their commitment in preparing for this special service.

Under the supervision of Mrs Newman, a group of children has been writing to their contemporaries at a French school. Brexit has proved no barrier here. It is lovely to see the children reaching out to each other and finding out about their lives. The world is such a small place now. Well done to all the children involved.

Well done to St Monica’s for triumphing in the House Cup this week. Well done to Mrs Redfern and the girls.

As the Government’s road map has moved into its third stage, I would ask all parents to continue to maintain social distancing and wear a face covering on the school site. We really do appreciate all your support in these matters over the last year.

Meanwhile, have a lovely family weekend!

Mr Noel Neeson | Headmaster